since 1977

Associates in Neurology
of Pittsburgh

We are an independent practice and accept nearly all insurance types including Medicare (including HMO), Highmark, UPMC, Aetna, Cigna, United Health Care as well as worker’s compensation and automobile accident insurances. We offer same day services and in some cases same day results.


Associates in Neurology of Pittsburgh was established in 1977 with the philosophy of putting patients first. Over the next 41 years we have consistently worked to attain this goal in the ever changing and advancing field of neurology.

About us

What is neurology?

Neurology is a branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the nervous system. The nervous system is a complex, sophisticated system that regulates and coordinates body activities.

Our practice treats individuals will all types of conditions and diseases involving the central and peripheral nervous system. We employ many types of diagnostic tests to determine a diagnosis and develop the best plan of care for you, the patient.

Brain Scan Image

When should I see a neurologist?

Neck and/or back pain
Head trauma
Memory problems
Unexplained shaking or tremor
Blurred vision
Numbness/tingling of extremities
Weakness of arms or legs
Unsteady walking


We are committed to providing advanced, specialized neurological care combined with state-of-the art technology enabling our team to streamline and provide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to enhance your quality of life.